Refinery Configuration

In the following picture the main process flows are shown. Crude oils and feedstock arrive at the refinery and pumped via the Shipping and Movements department to the various oil processes of distilling, cracking and treating. Products are shipped out via the department Shipping and Movement. For all of this utilities are needed, which are provided by the external utilities company (Curacao Refinery Utilities) subsidiary of Refineria di Korsou N.V.

process flows


Primary processes:

Processing type Capacity
Crude distillation capacity 320.000 bpd
Vacuum distillation 195.000 bpd

Secondary processes:

Processing type Capacity
Catalytic Cracking 53.000 bpd
Thermal Cracking/Visbreaking 81.000 bpd
Cat feed Mild Hydrocracker 27.200 bpd
Distillate Hydrotreating 31.000 bpd
Naphtha Hydrotreater 49.600 bpd
Semi-regen reformer 21.900 bpd
HF Alkylation (C4 olefins) 11.000 bpd
C3 olefins Polymerization 3.700 bpd
Paraffinic Luboil manufacturing 12000 bpd
Naphthenic. Luboil Hydrofinishing 4.500 bpd
Paraffinic Luboil Dewaxing 7.500 bpd