In the lease agreement of 1994 the decision was made to uncouple the utilities production from the refinery. This resulted in a BOO (Build Own Operate) concept, whereby an independent producer would build, own and operate the utilities plants and engage in a long term utilities supply agreement with the operator of the refinery. In this concept Aqualectra participated for 49%. This way the Plant would not only provide the Refinery with utilities (steam, electricity, compressed air and water), but also the community.
In 2012 the “BOO” was handed over to Refineria di Korsou N.V. (RdK), who created the subsidiary CRU (Curaçao Utilities Company N.V.) and is now engaged in a rigorous maintenance and investment program.
In this way RdK through CRU strives to reliably distribute utilities to the refinery and to the Curaçao community.